Bricks Breaker Destroy Puzzle

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DAILY rewards:

There are also rewards for one player with the highest score each WEEK and each MONTH!


  1. We will officially launch Bricks Breaker Destroy Puzzle on 15th January 2021
  2. In the meantime, we are running the beta version
  3. Official Rewards policy will be applied from 15th January 2021
  4. During the beta time, Top 3 winners will receive a lovely award of $5
  5. Comments and criticism about the game are always welcome; please contact us if you
    want to report about gameplay experience or bugs
  6. 24/7 support at [email protected]


  • We will send you your money rewards via PayPal in 2 working days
  • Detailed instructions will be sent to winners

Any questions you can email to [email protected] and join our forum on Discord. Thank you very much!!!

Do not miss the chance to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Bricks Breaker Destroy Puzzle. Most addictive and challenging!

This game is simple and addictive! Once you start, you will not stop playing. Give it a try, you will love this puzzle game!

This game is an addictive and challenging brick matching game, not only that Bricks Breaker is also challenging traditional Puzzle games. Your puzzle skills will be put to the test with this new puzzle game! When gamers have to calculate and be careful for each of their decisions because the player’s score in a day will be rewarded.

This game is a great relaxing game but also makes your brain active. Focus on breaking the bricks and you will find it more funny and interesting.

[How to Play ]
– Swipe the ball and hit the brick
– The brick breaks when durability drops to 0
– If any brick come all the way to the bottom, you lose.

[Special Features]
– Bricks Breaker became much cooler with various bombs and lasers
– Easy with only one hand!
– Don’t forget to get your daily rewards & earn even more with SPECIAL QUESTS!
– Various stages and play modes
– Multilanguage supported. Play with friends around the world!
– And everything is free
– And everything is playable offline.
– Low-end devices fully supported
– Tablet devices supported
– Achievements & Leaderboard supported

Why choose us?
★ Exquisite game interface!
★ Easy to play, a classic brick game for all ages!
★This is free, no Wifi required!
★Play stress-free! Your game will automatically save.

Please enjoy this game in confusion!

Do not miss the chance to MAKE MONEY ONLINE of Bricks Breaker Destroy Puzzle. Most addictive and challenging!

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